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In this day and age, brand recognition is an extremely crucial factor that can help your business to thrive. The more ways you can expose your brand, the better it is for your business. You can use the help of social media sites to upload printed variations of your logo and design so that people not only start recognising your brand but also get attracted to your business. At times, you can also use offline tools, among which market umbrellas are quite popular.

Cafe umbrellas or restaurant umbrellas are an extremely cost-effective way to promote your business seamlessly. Apart from giving unlimited exposure to your brand, they can also protect your guests from the sun's UV rays and rain. Besides, a nicely-designed umbrella can also add to the aesthetic of the place. And these are not just the only benefits.

In this blog, we will tell you several other ways through which an umbrella can boost your business.

What is a market umbrella?

Let us first start by defining a market umbrella. These are the umbrellas that you would be seeing at the tables of your favorite outdoor restaurant or cafes. These days, pool umbrellas at a resort or a hotel also have similar specifications.

Typically, these devices are large, strong structures that will protect you from the sun and rain. The quality and durability are much better than the ones that you probably use for residential purposes because these umbrellas are made keeping in mind that they would be used at outdoor locations regularly. So these products are better suited to resist elements such as rain or wind. The umbrellas can be erected through holes in the tables or weighted umbrella stands or sturdy bases.

If you are looking to install umbrellas for restaurants, you can opt for various shapes and sizes like rectangular, square, or round umbrellas. At times, you can also mix and match the shapes to give your outdoor space a unique look. Additionally, you can work with a graphic designer to create a dye-printed canopy or a multi-coloured design, or an all-over print featuring your logo on the flaps. Customizing the umbrellas with your brand's unique design and logo makes your business noticeable.

Ways market umbrellas are being used by businesses

Now that you know the characteristics of a market umbrella, you might be thinking that these umbrellas are really useful for outdoor seating. But as we said, this is not the only use. There are myriad other ways through which umbrellas for restaurants can boost your business and some of them are:

  • Comfortable space: The main purpose of a market umbrella is to shelter your guests from extreme weather elements. In Australia, weather can be fickle. Sometimes it might get too sunny, hot and humid while sudden rains can also disrupt your outing. Under the circumstances, an umbrella can be of great value. By installing umbrellas in your outdoor space, you will not only create a spot for your customers to catch some shade but also make them feel safe and comfortable. This way, the image of your business will grow manifold and it will make your customers loyal to your commercial enterprise. Word of mouth could also draw in new customers and thereby increase your revenue.
  • Increase your space: With the help of cafe umbrellas, you can use the space available on sidewalks, back areas and gardens. You can also purchase stylish furniture or install soft lighting to create a nice mood and ambience. This will engage your customers in having more conversations and encourage them to spend more time at your establishment, which, in turn, would increase profits for you.
  • Extend branding: These days owning a business isn't enough. It's extremely crucial that you promote your brand so that people recognize you. For this, you can always use pool umbrellas or any kind of outdoor umbrellas to make your business noticeable. This is important as it brings in repeat customers and builds brand loyalty.
  • Install branded umbrellas in common areas: Who says market umbrellas can only be erected at your own place of business? You can partner with another commercial enterprise, provided they are not your rival, and offer to install your branded umbrellas in their space. A lot of businesses are open to such arrangements because it's a win-win situation for everyone. But you must be careful while selecting the location to install these umbrellas. Our suggestion will be to place these umbrellas in locations that have a lot of footfalls. So you can capture the attention of potential customers whom you might not have reached otherwise.
  • Trade shows and outdoor festivals: A good way to display and promote your brand is by attending trade shows or street fairs or a big outdoor festival. A uniquely designed, colourful and vibrant umbrella branded with your business information and logo can help you stand out from the rest of your competition and act as a powerful advertising tool.

Conclusion: A market umbrella can be a creative and innovative way to promote your business. Over the years, we have seen how these umbrellas can successfully produce brand recognition. So without any further ado, invest in a market umbrella now!

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