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Bring Fresh Air into the Kitchen with Kitchen Plants

17 Jun 2022, 03:24 GMT+10

In the house, every room deserves a greenery splash from bathroom plants to bedroom plants. Whether someone opts for adorable succulent plants, indoor trees, or cactus gardens it is obvious to find the kitchen. For kitchen plants like bright light, a window of South facing is preferred while the west and east-facing windows work too as the light is less intense. Even though the kitchen fails to have sunny windows several plants can tolerate conditions of low light. In case, the kitchen has zero windows then consider mounting grow lights of LED under cabinets for offering supplemental light chiefly for small potted plants.


Sharpening Focus- They are known to have been making people more focused and attentive when surrounded by them. A few extra plants addition in the kitchen may even improve the cooking.

Water release- The plant expels usually around water as 97% of they are given. With the grouping of several plants together in the kitchen, one can increase the space humidity and keep on lockdown the respiratory issues.

Easier breathing- The addition of plants to the kitchen can increase oxygen levels drastically. Succulents and orchids particularly convert carbon dioxide and as a result release oxygen and make their addition to the kitchen perfectly.

Purifying Air- From the air, the plants remove toxins mainly from food smells to bags of garbage mainly to harmful kitchen chemicals. The air is purified by the plant by toxins pulling mainly into the soil and the nutrition takes conversion.

Kitchen plants

Polka Dot plant- It is a pretty addition mainly to bright window sills. It fails to be a plant which long life and for only approx. 2 years looks best but it is inexpensive for replacing.

Herbs- If someone has a sunny window then rosemary and basil's small pots will thrive. Meanwhile, if the kitchen is on the dark side, then stick along less fussy herbs like mint, chives, and parsley unless the supplemental light is provided.

Peace lily- It can easily tolerate low light while blooms only in bright light. It is a carefree plant overall that fails to be killed as long as the soil is kept lightly moist.

English ivy- This kind of hardy plant is like moderate light while it can adjust to low light. It works generally in hanging baskets, pots, or trained as a topiary. Before watering let it dry out.

Cast-iron plant- It usually does not mind low light and its strappy, long upright leaves are attractive and glossy naturally. In summer and spring, keep it lightly moist and let it dry out mainly between watering in winter and fall when it fails to grow actively.

Air plant- Honestly, it is the closest that can come to a plant of no-care, and thus, it is a good choice if someone is a parent of a newbie plant. By misting occasionally, water the plant, or once a week rinsing further letting drip dry.

ZZ plant- Usually, it has leaves of dramatic upright waxy that tolerate the corner of the darkest. Only water when the top few soli inches are dry and stick the finger into check.

Spider plant- It mainly prefers bright light and can easily adapt to levels of low light. The cute plantlets that mainly form on arching, long stems can be pinched off. In summer and spring, keep moist but let it dry out between watering in winter and fall.


It can be concluded that the kitchen gets more love with putting some kitchen plants. Filling the kitchen with plant life has several benefits like air quality improvement, making people happier, and usually reducing stress.

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