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11 Top Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

07 Jun 2021, 18:24 GMT+10

Emails have proved to be a beneficial marketing channel for acquiring and retaining customers. According to Statista, the number of global email users will grow to 4.48 billion by 2024. Therefore, email is the perfect channel for businesses to reach the masses and engage their target audience.

However, one must never forget that email marketing for small businesses is not a simple task. Designing an efficient email marketing strategy and leveraging marketing automation tools can help generate leads and propel conversions. So, it is essential to focus on the right ways of approaching email marketing.

The most significant advantage of using email marketing is that it does not cost much. Small businesses and those with budget limitations can profitably opt for email marketing. But, to get the best results, it is crucial to design the email campaign for your brand based on the business goals. With simple strategies and tricks, businesses can develop the perfect email marketing campaign.

Best Email Marketing Strategies for Your Business

Here are the essential tips, tricks, and strategies that small businesses can utilize to create the best email marketing campaign.

1. Subscription Form

The first step towards building the perfect email marketing campaign for your brand is to design the appropriate email subscription form. The form should be simple and user-friendly. The form must include the crucial details but should not be too long as people typically skip filling up lengthy forms.

2. Design Unique Emails to Create Brand Identity

Follow a distinctive strategy and style for your brand, even in email campaigns. Maintain a consistent email structure and color theme for the content and images. The theme or color code must match your brand and target audience. For example, for a women's cosmetics brand, businesses typically use bright colors. Besides, the images in emails must be of good quality.

Include your brand's logo in the emails to leave an everlasting memory of your brand in the customer's mind. Also, add the social media links for your business in the emails to enable the customer to connect with you. To ensure the creation of consistent and engaging emails in the least time, create email templates or utilize templates offered by popular automation tools.

3. Focus on Email Content

In marketing, content is the king, and the same applies to email marketing too. Thus, content should be your point of focus. Email content must be relevant, free of errors, and engaging.

To start with, generate the most appealing subject lines, taglines, and slogans. According to a study by Yes Lifecycle Marketing, these can boost open rates by 50%. Use simple language in the email content that customers with varied language capabilities can comprehend with the least effort.

Keep the paragraphs short to enhance readability. Keep the fonts simple and highlight important parts of the email with unique or decorative fonts. In short, apply all the top short-form content marketing strategies to create perfect email marketing content for your business.

4. Make Your Emails Responsive/Mobile Friendly

No matter how good your email content is, it fails to engage the users if it is inconvenient to access and read. Responsive email design means designing an email that goes well with various devices and screen sizes. Today, as most customers or subscribers access emails on mobile phones, you must target creating a mobile-friendly design.

To ensure that the target user finds the email comfortable to read, a responsive email design with a single-column layout is the best choice. There are numerous email preview tools available in the market, such as Litmus, that businesses can average to check how the designed email would appear to the target recipients.

5. Categorize Email Subscribers

Customers have varied interests and requirements. To personalized customer experience, every user category must receive the email content explicitly designed to match their needs.

Utilize customer data from their profiles and segment your email subscribers based on their age, gender, demographics, and more. Create user-specific content for different types or categories of customers and offer them the most suitable or personalized information tailored for them.

6. Offer What You Commit

Brand credibility comes with customer trust, which is crucial for the success of a business. Small businesses can retain their customers only by building credibility. Businesses must ensure that they provide genuine, engaging, and helpful information to their email subscribers or customers to earn customer trust. According to HubSpot, around 80% of business professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention.

Customers trust your business if you keep up to your commitments and offers. It applies to email subscriptions too. If you make seasonal or special discount offers in your emails, you must provide the same for the promised term. Similarly, if you commit a newsletter at a fixed interval, deliver it consistently in that pattern.

7. Generate Leads

Email lead generation through permission-based email lists is called permission marketing. Cold emailing through social media also provides a good source for leads. There are paid techniques too for email lead generation that involve buying email lists. However, lead generation using paid lists is risky. These recipients have not subscribed to your emails. Thus, if they do not like your emails, they can mark these as spam.

For successful email marketing, it is crucial to evaluate your leads regularly. You can also send a message to your subscribers asking them to opt-in to continue receiving your emails and assure them that they can unsubscribe whenever they wish to discontinue receiving emails.

8. Enhance Your Audience and Subscribers List

Building a genuine subscribers' list is not all. You need to retain the subscribers, grow your audience, and increase subscriptions. Existing subscribers will continue with you only if you offer them fresh, relevant, and engaging content as per their needs. No matter how hard you try to retain them, some subscribers may lose interest in your brand/emails. Thus, you must keep growing the subscribers' list organically through referrals and forwards.

Your subscribers will forward your emails to their contacts if they find something in the email of their interest. You can announce referral incentives and subscription rewards. Social media sharing buttons are a must in your emails if you want to encourage easy sharing.

9. Launch Contests, Polls, and Irresistible Offers

Based on the interests and pain points of your target customers, develop and share irresistible offers through emails to engage your customers. Additionally, create email contests and polls to encourage more participation and subscription. This way, you can build your subscribers' list quickly.

10. Avoid Email Spamming

Send only the vital information. Do not overload the subscribers with too many emails and announcements that would appear as spam and force them to unsubscribe.

11. Leverage Email Marketing Tools

To get the best out of email marketing and save time, leverage the email marketing software available in the market. These tools offer robust email marketing features that enable you to create effective personalized campaigns in the least time. The software enables you to create and send the right emails at the right time to the right people.

Besides, email marketing automation tools allow you to segment users based on demographics, culture, behavior, interests, and past experiences. The software leverages this data and offers detailed analytics and business insights for informed decision-making.

Wrapping Up

No matter how many different digital marketing strategies a business adopts, email marketing is inevitable. When so many marketing channels have ceded to bring results over the years, businesses can rely on email marketing as every person reads emails.

Try the above techniques and trends to create the best email marketing campaign for your business.

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