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The News Spy Review 2021 - A Reliable Bot Or A Scam?

05 Jun 2021, 04:24 GMT+10

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Currently, the significance of cryptocurrencies is at one of the highest peaks. Automated trading platforms have been helping people invest in bitcoins for quite some time. The News Spy is one such trading platform.

We need various reliable automated trading platforms to help us trade cryptocurrencies that can change by the minute. However, this has become a platform for many to scam people of their hard-earned money.

On the other hand, we have bots like The News Spy with numerous claims about the win rate above 80%. With claims this big, it is not wrong for investors to ask questions.

Can you trust The News Spy? Is it a reliable platform or just a scam?

Keep reading this The News Spy Review to find out more. This article will walk you through answers to all these questions.

What is The News Spy?

Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies market is hypersensitive. Hence, the only way to get timely notifications is through market trend alerts. The News Spy can help with securing and analysing these important market news.

The News Spy software is designed to assist people with understanding the market. This online tool derives data and analyses it. Then, it will send this data to the experts on the platform.

They will relay this information to The News Spy members in ways that are easy to grasp. The data is simplified very well, and it is simple enough even for newbies to understand clearly.

Additionally, it is one of the most sophisticated news trading tools currently available.

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Is The News Spy Legit or Scam?

The News Spy is a legit software that has a high reputation among cryptocurrency traders. There are lots of positive testimonials on their site and in Trustpilot. Also, many users claim to make over USD 3000 to USD 5000 per day with The News Spy.

It was developed by John Mayers, an entrepreneur, developer, and crypto trader. He was a former finance journalist.

He led a team of like-minded professionals to create The News Spy. This automated trading system has now become one of the most updated and reliable software in the world. Additionally, this software has a consequently high Return of Investment (ROI).

How does The News Spy work?

The News Spy is a diverse trading platform that one can access from anywhere in the world. As long as one has an internet connection, they can use The News Spy.

The News Spy software starts by scanning hundreds of thousands of news resources from every part of the globe. It is followed by shortlisting the market-relevant news that is most effective. A unique and sophisticated ranking algorithm enables this.

Once the list is analysed thoroughly, a final list is made with the most important news. Then, users get notified about the news.

It provides suggestions and trading signs to help traders and investors to make better decisions. That includes decisions on exchanging, buying, and selling relevant cryptocurrencies.

For example, if the price of Bitcoin is dropping, The News Spy will notify the user. They can make the call of selling or buying Bitcoins at the market price with the information available. It will empower users with information before there is any change in the prices.

Visit the official website of The News Spy to learn more about their investment software, what sets us apart from the rest, and if it's right for you.

How to make money with The News Spy?

You can start making money and obtain profits on The News Spy as soon as you register. The software is designed to assist you in every step of the trade.

It empowers you with legit information. It gives precise news that can influence that market. With this information, you can make the call on where to invest or when to sell.

This app will provide you with insights that can help you gain profits. That involves how buying a particular cryptocurrency stock or selling an asset can help you understand market trends. The excellent and intelligent algorithm allows users to set it in an automated mode with customizable market filters.

How to register with The News Spy?

The News Spy offers an easy registration process. You can set up your account in less than five minutes from any corner of the world.

You can start making money using The News Spy by registering an account in your name. The process of setting is fairly simple.

Step 1: Registration

You will have to start with registering the online form with accurate information. Once completed, you can submit it to The News Spy website. The information you are supposed to fill in includes name, email address, country, and other necessary information.

Step 2: Verification and account set-up

The News Spy will accept your registration in some time. Once the application is accepted, the software will generate your account automatically. You can set up the password and get going.

Also, new accounts get verified via an online authentication process.

Step 3: Deposit

One can immediately start trading once you deposit some money. The minimum deposit will be USD 250, but you can deposit how much you like. However, it is advisable to start with small sums, especially if you are a beginner.

Step 4: Demo Trading

The News Spy allows demo trading to ensure users get accustomed to the system. It will help you navigate the world of cryptocurrencies better before investing any real money.

Step 5: Live Trading

It is very easy to start the live trading session. You can do it with a click of a button. New Spy will also allow you to set a stop limit on the account before starting with the trade.

When The News Spy system starts working, you can start with the dealings.

Is The News Spy free to use?

To answer shortly, yes. It is absolutely free to register an account in The News Spy. However, you will have to fund your trading account to start the service. The minimum deposit for this will be USD 250. Moreover, this money will serve as a capital amount for you on the platform.

Features of The News Spy

The News Spy has numerous features that are excellent and can be very helpful to users. You can check out some of their best features below.

Payout System

They have an impressive payout system, which is precise and fast. You will receive the payouts at the end of every live trading session.

The News Spy has an automated payout process. It can evaluate the individual's loss and gains with the highest possible accuracy.

Deposits and Withdrawals

It has a very quick and user-friendly deposit system. Also, they have a very efficient withdrawal system as well. One can send their withdrawal request to The News Spy. It will be completed within twenty-four hours.

Customer Service and Verification

The News Spy has extraordinary customer service. It is functional 24/7. They also take very little time to respond.

However, there is nothing special about their verification. They follow the usual procedures followed by most other automated trading systems.

Brokers and service chargers

They have brokers to monitor the automatic trading system. It will ensure that all the investors are earning passively.

Also, The News Spy charges for service. A small percentage of the profit is taken from the investors after every live trading session.

They only charge for investor gains and do not charge anything for losses.

Smart News

The News Spy blends the automated processes with humanized analysis. It will ensure the information you receive is highly reliable.

Market analysis

The News Spy analysts have years of experience in trading, and they use it to enhance your experience with the software. The in-depth market analysis available at your hands can make your live trading sessions more efficient. The superior quality analytical content can increase the chances of profit.

Time Saver

Among the hundreds of software available online, The News Spy has one of the most time-saving UI. From the simple registration to the prioritized information service. It can save you a lot more time than many numerous other automated trading systems.

Why trade with The News Spy?

Suppose you are still not sure if you want to choose The News Spy for trading. Here are some points to convince you.

Suitable for All

The information provided by The News Spy is suitable for all kinds of users. It includes people who have years of experience trading cryptocurrencies to newbies.

You do not have to be a finance expert to use this software. The entire process is taken care of by the automated trading system. The information gets broken down to make it accessible to everyone.


It is one of the most sophisticated automated trading software in the world. It is capable of analysing change or rapid shift in the market and turning into profits within seconds.

All the transactions with The News Spy are calculated. Plus, it assures excellent returns. This software also has a success rate of above 80%.

Demo Account

The News Spy offers a demo account if one wants to try it out before making any actual investments. That will ensure the users are well versed with the process and software before investing their hard-earned money.

Final Words

To sum it all up, The News Spy is not only a legit automated trading platform. It is also one of the most reliable and profitable software for all your cryptocurrency trading.

Hence, you can trust The News Spy and get going right now! You can check this link out for more information.

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